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What Americans Actually Do All Day Long, In 2 Graphics : Planet Money : NPR

What Americans Actually Do All Day Long, In 2 Graphics : Planet Money : NPR.


GOP platform shows shift from moderate to conservative

The word “abortion” does not appear in a Republican Party platform until 1976, when the party concedes that it is deeply split between those who support “abortion on demand” and those who seek to protect the lives of… On Fluent News:

Afro-Punk at Commodore Park in Brooklyn –

Afro-Punk at Commodore Park in Brooklyn –

First Weekend of the Semester

I hope you are enjoying the first weekend of the semester.  It is nice getting a bit of a break from the heat.

I just wanted to share a few tips with you since you might have a few days to catch your breath now.

1) Investigate Dropbox ( as a cloud based filing system.  It is free and you can save work to your account across multiple platforms.  You can also create shared folders and anyone who you grant access to can edit and save files.  This is efficient if you are working in a group.

Also look at Evernote.  It is also free.  You can create custom folders for each class, or by research projects, or whatever strikes your fancy.  This also works across platforms.

I have used both services for a while now and really like them.

2)  Take time this weekend to get a calendar for your academic (and probably personal) life.  Use a pencil and mark the due dates of your major projects, papers, exams, or life events.

3) Take a little time this weekend and spend by yourself and assess the first week?  How did it go?  What do you wish to accomplish in each of your classes this semester?  Are you organized and ready to go (notebooks, folders, calendar, etc.?)  What is important in your life?

4)  Spend at least a little time with someone or a group of special someones to recharge your batteries.

5)  Study.  Look at your upcoming week.  Create a plan to keep your work accomplished.  Begin this weekend.  Remember to study your material; don’t just read it.  If you can’t restate what you have just read in your own words (or maybe even better, write it down in your own words) you probably did not learn it.

6)  Finally, give thanks.  You are fortunate to be in University.  Reinhardt is a special place and this is a special time in your life.  You have the freedom to ask questions, read, study, think, and talk about ideas.  Our society sees potential in you and we are investing in you.  Thank someone who has helped you achieve this honor (a parent, teacher, friend, coach, relative, etc.)


I will see everyone next week.


As Weber said, we scientists need to deal with inconvenient fact. Pull Akin off House science committee –